eLearning Course "How To Compose Smart Goals"

My role: Research, outline, script, storyboard, developer

Tools used: Articulate Rise, Canva

Problem: The sales team and managers at Yellowstone Technology (fictional company, made for portfolio purposes) have noticed an increase in hang-ups on cold calls to potential clients, so management has deduced through interviews, observations, and surveys, that training was needed to implement a new structure and protocol for conducting sales calls. Sales team employees will soon be taking this training. Along with that, management would like each sales team member to come up with their own goal for improving individual sales. Prior to taking this Rise course, sales employees were all eager to improve their individual performance and achieve more sales, but the goals they were writing were vague or sometimes not attainable in the time period identified.

Solution: In a real scenario, I would firstly meet with the sales team members and have them show me the goals they have written in the past to determine skill or knowledge gaps in goal-writing. I then developed an eLearning training course using Articulate Rise, which each sales team member would take individually. It walks them through each part of the SMART acronym, with both formative and summative assessment skill checks included. These skill checks are scenario-based, so they can immediately apply what they have learned to situations that simulate real-life scenarios.

Outcome: By the end of the course, each sales team member would write a SMART goal that meets the criteria laid out in the course and set up a time to share it with their manager for discussion and any needed improvements. Going forward, they could refer to the job aid quick reference guide PDF if they need a refresher as they write more SMART goals.