Learning Materials

Employee survey
Course reflection

Survey and reflection for "How To Reduce Employee Stress and Foster a Healthy Work Environment" course

My role: Writer

Tool used: Google Docs

Purpose: These materials accompany the eLearning course on improving employee stress and fostering a healthy work environment. The survey will be administered to employees before the training and 3-6 months after the train to provide pre- and post-assessment data on how well management is implementing the concepts from the training. The reflection document is to be completed by management immediately upon completing the eLearning course to help them reflect on concrete ways they will be able to implement these concepts into their workday.

Job aid for "How To Compose SMART Goals" course

My role: Writer/designer

Tool used: Canva

Purpose: This job aid accompanies the Articulate Rise course "How To Compose SMART Goals" and can be used as a quick reference tool for learners after they have completed the eLearning course. That way, as they make future SMART goals, they can just reference this PDF instead of retaking the entire course unless needed. This would be given to them as a separate PDF and is also embedded on the last page of the eLearning course.